European node for mountain research

The MRI-Europe Programme strives for the maintenance and expansion of its catalytic status and the position as the scientific information platform for individual researchers, institutions and other relevant networks dealing with Global Change in mountain regions. It brings together researchers who might otherwise never meet and connects scientists from differrent mountain regions (e.g. Carpathians and Alps).

The short-term vision of the MRI-Europe Programme is:

(i) to continue the efforts in developing regional research strategies helping local scientists in priority setting;

(ii) to facilitate mountain research cooperation between countries and regions; and

(iii) to catalyze high-quality research projects and Programmes attracting funding e.g. from the European Union and adding value to existing research efforts (e.g. capacity building, comparative studies).

The mid-term vision of the MRI-Europe Programme is (iv) to establish regional MRI-Europe contact points in and for the Carpathians and the Balkan Regions. The decentralisation of the MRI-Europe activities entails also the distribution of ownership (e.g. regional Steering Committee), responsibility and costs. Obtaining financial contributions from different partners not only ensures a sustainable continuation of the project but similarly fosters communication and collaboration between the contributing institutions and thereby adds value to ongoing research activities; contributes to coherent research strategies and approaches; and makes use and adds value to existing activities and human resources.

On a long-term, (v) similar networks in other European eco-regions (Mediterranean, Scandes, Caucasus, and other mountain ranges) could be launched, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the science network.