Photo Competition 2015
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After receiving many beautiful shots for the "Mountains of Our Future Earth" International Photography Competition, OUR SUBMISSION PERIOD HAS ENDED. 

The submissions will be judged within the next month and the winners will be announced during the Conference Dinner on October 7th, 2015 in Perth III (Scotland). We are delighted to have so many pictures to choose from. We are looking forward to announcing the winning photos.

Thanks to all who submitted and our jury!


We want to make Global Change in Mountains Visible!

The winners of our competition will have great prizes and the chance to exhibit their work at

Threshold Artspace, Perth Concert Hall

& The Royal Scottish Geographical Society


during and after the international scientific conference







Thanks to our sponsors

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 The Jury

 Luca Etter

Bernard Dubuis


Eva Lotta

Luca Etter

Luca Etter was born in 1981 in Switzerland, his career began in Brussels, Belgium. In 2008 as part of the workshop “in Cairo” for the Cultural conference of swiss cities he was the winner of Fribourg. In 2010 a book was published as a result of his six-month residency in Egypt. In 2011 a second personal book was printed. He is actually engaged as photography teacher by “the Academy of Meuron Neuchatel” and as image editor for the swiss newspaper "La Liberté".

He loves photography because he finds it more libertarian. He seeks to reveal topics encountered in everyday life. He also worked as a photographer for the cinema, to the press and runs private photography courses.

Bernard Dubuis

Humanist and documentary photographer, following the tradition of Guy Le
Querrec, Larry Towell or Abbas
, he is much closer to a deepphotographic documentary than a fast workfor the press. Build the memory of what surrounds him it's his passion and the main reason thatled him tocreate a PhotographicSurvey in Valais (Switzerland) together with othertwophotographers andahistorian between1989 and 2005. From the beggining,BernardDubuisis a faithful ofLeicaM for a discreetapproach.
Bernard Dubuissneaksthe heart of hissubject,and hasthe abilityto be forgotten...When the finest pictures are made.


Eva-Lotta Jansson is a photojournalist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The photographer does freelance work for news and humanitarian organizations, often travelling to surrounding Africa. Her work has often centred around the adverse effects of climate change on various African communities and their environments. Her latest personal photo essay, an Acid River Runs Through It, focusses on how acid mine drainage – water pollution due to past and present mining activities - affects water sources and communities in South Africa.

Eva-Lotta is an occasional lecturer in photojournalism and documentary photography, teaching at institutions including the University of Pretoria and the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg. She also created, an educational video project interviewing well-known South African photographers about photography and democracy. Eva-Lotta, who is Swedish, is a permanent resident of South Africa, where she has lived for 10 years.


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Stefan Hächler

Stefan Hächler works as curator in "The Swiss Alpine Museum".

The Swiss Alpine Museum is the "Embassy of the Alps" in the capital city of Switzerland. Its location in the capital emphasizes the museum’s Switzerland-wide responsibility to be a platform of topics for everyone: for city dwellers, people from the suburbs and those living in the mountains, German- and French-speaking Swiss, for tourists from Switzerland and abroad, for conservationists and people for whom the mountains are primarily a place to spend their free time, for school classes and groups of adults.

Sandesh Kadur

Wildlife photographer and documentary filmmaker.

Sandesh Kadur has a passion for visual imagery and has made his mark as both an award-winning wildlife photographer and documentary filmmaker. His films have been shown on television networks including National Geographic, BBC, Discovery and Animal Planet. Currently based in India, Sandesh is documenting the Eastern Himalaya, another endangered ecosystem in critical need of conservation. He is a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers and Director of Felis Creations , a visual-arts company based in India, which focuses on creating content that inspires conservation. 

Tetsuo Kikuchi

Alpine photographer in Japan.

Tetsuo Kikuchi was born in Tokyo. His first experience with photography was at the age of 14 and at 20 he decided to devote himself to alpine photography. As a photographer and writer, he has covered climbs for magazines, published some works in alpine specialized magazines, calendars and posters. He collaborates with the monthly magazine “Yama to Keikoku”. Tetsuo Kikuchi has published several collections of photographs in the Japan Alps. In the field of ski mountaineering, he has also covered over 300 challenging ski routes throughout the world, including the highest peak in the Alps; Mont Blanc, as well as the Alps'Monterosa, the Haute Route and the Rogers Pass in Canada.