Searching the literature

The MRI makes available the following resources to help users find relevant scientific publications.

 1) ISI Web of Knowledge

The Web of Knowledge is among the most important bibliographical databases available today. However finding publications relevant to your interest, either by theme or by location, depends largely on the terms that you use for searching the database.

 This report shows how to search ISI specifically for a) the different themes in the GLOCHAMORE research strategy in b) mountain regions around the world.  Using the search terms shown here to find mountain-related publications focused on specific disciplinary topics can save you a lot of trial-and-error searching in the database.


2) Tables of Content

The links below take you to leading journals publishing mountain-related papers.

Table of contents of Mountain Research and Development MRD

Journal of Mountain Science JMS

Journal of Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research JAAAR


3) DOI reader

Articles are now frequently identified with a DOI address. Use this DOI reader  to find an article using its DOI address.


4) Mountain Forum Digital Repository

The Mountain Forums collection of mountain-relevant articles, including many from the gray literature